Reserve Collection

在澳洲的 UOW 讀書時,圖書館內有一個區域叫做 Reserve Collection,學生可以在那裏找到某一個課程的歷年期中、期末考題、老師上課的講義或指定的閱讀資料…等,這裡放的當然都是紙本的,圖書館網站也有數位檔案的連結。 不知在台灣的大學圖書館有沒有類似的服務? 我服務的學校是沒有,但有提供學校研究所,轉學考的考古題掃描後轉成的PDF檔,但管理相當不易。

Library StuffLibrary Tools With Wikis 提到了 ReservesDirect 這個工具,這是一個免費的軟體,它的目的就是儲存 Reserve Collection 並提供進階的管工具及介面。它的特色如下:

features for Students

  • Ability to look up classes by instructor or class–test
  • “MyReserves" tab remembers a student’s classes and displays them when the student logs in, eliminating repeated class lookups and saving time–students only need to “find" their class once
  • Display of electronic and physical items on reserve for a class
  • Links to “helper applications" such as Adobe Reader, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and others provided within each class
  • Edit profile, including name and email address
  • Icons indicate what individual items are, such as PDF, text document, audio, video, etc.

features for Instructors

  • Create and edit classes, with full control over class number, section number, and name
  • Classes an instructor is teaching automatically appear in their “MyReserves" list for easy location
  • Easy creation of class crosslistings
  • Ability to upload any type of computer file, including PDF, Microsoft Office files, text documents, web pages, images, sound files, video files, data sets, and much more.
  • Multiple ways to add items to a class, including:
    • upload documents
    • add URLs
    • search the ReservesDirect document archive for previously used items. All items loaded into ReservesDirect are available for instructors to search and add to their classes. (Instructors can mark their own items as "personal" when they create them to prevent other instructors from finding them in a search)
    • fax items for automatic conversion to PDF (optional)
  • Sort items–by title, author, or custom order
  • Annotate items with notes that appear to students
  • Activate or deactivate items by date. Instructors can choose what items display to students and can "hide" items until a given date
  • Team teaching capability, allowing multiple instructors to add, edit, sort, annotate and delete. Instructors may add other instructors to their classes, or staff may do it for them.
  • Proxy access for instructor assistants. Proxies are generally students that are assisting an instructor in teaching a class or helping to manage their materials. Proxies have access only to the class that the instructor (or staff) assigns them to. Proxies may add, edit, or delete items, and generally manage the class they are assigned to.
  • Class reactivation. All classes taught by an instructor are archived at the end of a semester. With a few clicks, an instructor can reactivate any course they have taught in the past, including all readings, co-instructors, and crosslistings. Items can be selectively reactivated so that an instructor can exclude items used in a previous class that he or she no longer wishes to use
  • Export reserves lists to courseware, such as Blackboard. Link is dynamic, so changes in ReservesDirect appear automatically in the courseware class.

features for Staff

  • Execute all instructor functions for any class in the system. Create, reactivate, and edit any class.
  • Merge duplicate classes.
  • Add, edit, and manage users, including the ability to specify access permissions for specfic users by changing their role (e.g., student, proxy, instructor).
  • Establish temporary passwords for users who are having difficulty logging into the system using standard authentication methods (e.g., Kerberos or LDAP).
  • Process physical items through the ReservesDirect interface. ILS integration allows staff to import bibliographic information to ReservesDirect and create reserve records in the ILS with a simple scan of a barcode and click of a mouse.
  • Annotate items with notes that are only visible to staff
  • Top-level advanced search functionality to look up items by author, title, item type, or any metadata field.
  • Easily edit or delete any item in the system.
  • Request queue for physical items to allow easy managment and processing of physical items that instructors request to be reactivated from previous semesters. Includes email notification when new requests come into the request queue.

很不錯的軟體吧,在 ReservesDirect 的 wiki 網頁上也有線上的demo 及 Screenshots/Video 喔!

2 thoughts on “Reserve Collection

  1. 太感謝了,這是我想找但是又不知道怎麼找的東西。據我所知,台灣的大學圖書館許多有提供研究所入學考的考古題。但是如果是細到課程層次的資料則是還沒有看過。

  2. 以UOW來說,它的館藏系統可以查到Reserve Collection 的資料,若是電子檔更可直接下載。

    看起來 ReservesDirect 算是功能相當完整,如果能推廣此軟體,相信對師生都是一大福音。若可以跟館藏系統整合那就更好了。


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