Library Technology Reports 新一代圖書館服務平台專刊

最新一期的 Library Technology Reports (Vol. 51, No. 6) 主題是 Library Services Platforms: A Mature Genre of Products,由 Marshall Breeding 所撰寫,目前可從網站上免費瀏覽及下載[1]

Library Technology Reports: Library Services Platforms

The Report starts with an explanation of this class of products and how it has diverged from the traditional integrated library system to take advantage of platform architecture. You’ll see in-depth descriptions of Ex Libris Alma, Kuali OLE, OCLC WorldShare Management Services, ProQuest Intota, and Innovative Interfaces Sierra. While neutral on product recommendations, Breeding offers advice on selection and procurement strategies.


1. Library Technology Reports — Vol 51, No 4 (2015)
2. Library Views圖書館觀點 — 新出刊:2015年 Library Systems Landscape



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