杜克大學(Duke University) 圖書館2週前正式推出了 DukeMobile 1.1,讀者可以透過 iPhone 或 iTouch 來瀏覽圖書館數位影像的收藏,包括數千張的照片及古早的廣告…等。底下有一個操作展示影片:


DukeMobile 1.1 除了新增的 32000張圖片影像外,還提供了課程表及校園地圖的改善。該館館員 Deborah Jakubs 提到:

不僅是因為可以經由 iPhone 及其他類似設備來瀏覽這些館藏是很重要的,同時這也是由傳統紙本館藏邁向以新科技來分享豐富館藏資源給更廣大的使用者的一個里程碑…..

目前 DukeMobile 所提供的服務有:

  • Athletics
    Never miss a home game–even when you’re away. With Athletics, you can check schedules, scores, and keep up to date with your favorite sports in an instant.
  • Courses
    Easily browse through your school’s course catalog, and search/bookmark classes.
  • Directory
    Directory gives you access to the Duke directory, allowing you to call search for fellow students or faculty.
  • Events
    Events allows you browse and search Events@Duke calendar and Buzz student calendar.
  • Images
    Browse through thousands of photos in Duke’s Digital Library Collection and download scenic wallpapers of Duke’s campus. (iPhone and iPod Touch only).
  • Maps
    Gone are the days of frantically searching for your next class. With the Maps application, you can easily find your exact location, search for a building and pinpoint it’s address–all with a mere tap of the finger.
  • News
    Curious as to what’s happening around Duke? Browse or search recent articles, learn of any IT outages or emergencies, and inform yourself of the latest on your campus.
  • Videos
    Videos allows you to browse, search, and watch Duke YouTube and iTunes U content.

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  1. 哇.這篇給你寫去了!那我不就沒得寫
    好唄! 它這個好, 連黑莓機都可以! 讚!



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