Twelve Techie Things for Librarians 2005

Michael Stephens 是一位圖書館員、科技的訓練者及作家,同時也是著名的 The Tame the Web Blog 作者。他列出了2005年圖書館員應該注意的12項科技事物:

  1. User-Centered Technology Planning
  2. Toolbars for Library Users
  3. RSS Feeds from the Catalog and Library Web Sites
  4. Converging Devices and Storage
  5. Presence (Social Software and Tools) & Collaboration Part I:
  6. Presence (Libraries as Space & a word from our sponsor) part II:
  7. Electronic Resources & Federated Access (and a rant about Promotion)
  8. Transitioned Technologies
  9. Virtual Communities for Librarians
  10. Open Source Software
  11. Digital Content & DRM
  12. New Devices…New Uses…

針對這12項都有很獨道的見解,詳細內容請看 source Blog


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