Google Book Settlement 聽證會

美國時間 2/18 就修正版本的Google 圖書和解方案 (Google Book Settlement) 進行了聽證會,會中各方代表都陳述了意見,其中一位,也是唯一來自圖書館界的是 University of Michigan 的圖書館員 Paul Courant。

Paul Courant 的內容在 Library Journal - The Day After the Google Hearing: Rounding Up Coverage and Statements 一文可以看的到,很明顯地可以看的出他是在贊成的一方,不過他似乎沒有提到圖書館界比較關心的機構訂閱問題。

承審法官陳卓光(Denny Chin) 當天並沒有做出裁決,一般預測要幾個星期的時間才會有結果。

詳細報導請見 Library Journal

Objectors Outnumber Supporters in First Half of Google Settlement Fairness Hearing

Google Settlement Fairness Hearing, Part Two: DOJ Expresses Opposition; Parties Mount Vigorous Defense

  • Google: opt-in wouldn’t have worked
  • Authors Guild say objectors practice “extreme reductionism"
  • Settlement affects about ten million works
  • Judge: “There is a lot to think about"
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