Open Library Environment (OLE) Project


有著美國美侖基金會 (The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation) 的贊助,Open Library Environment (OLE) Project 將會集合學術圖書館社群的力量來設計一個服務導向架構 (Service Oriented Architecture, SOA) 的開放式圖書館管理系統 (Open Library Management System)。

The project leaders are a multi-national group of libraries dedicated to thinking beyond the current model of an Integrated Library System and to designing a new system that is flexible, customizable and able to meet the changing and complex needs of modern, dynamic academic libraries. The end product will be a design document to inform open source library system development efforts, to guide future library system implementations, and to influence current Integrated Library System vendor products.

目前 OLE Project 由 Duke University Libraries 主導,成員主要來自美加及澳洲,見名單

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