Stephen Abram 那裡看到關於 Bibliocommons 的介紹,覺得值得觀察其後續發展。Bibliocommons 是由 Beth Jefferson 所領導的一個計畫,目標是想要把公共圖書館線上目錄轉變為一種資源的 social discovery 的環境。


看看 Bibliocommons 網頁上的說明就很清楚了:

Bibliocommons is a complete social discovery system for libraries.

We’re completely re–thinking the online library experience. We’ve had our heads down building and delivering groundbreaking new services, transforming online library catalogues from searchable inventory systems into engaging social discovery environments.

BiblioCommons’ services are designed to enable rich connections around library collections — connections between our users and the content, conversations, and communities they’re most interested in.

目前 Bibliocommons 正在跟加拿大的 Oakville Pubilc Library 合作,相信很快就可以看到實際的成果。不過據 Stephen Abram 所述,目前它只針對 SirsiDynix 的系統做開發。有興趣的人不妨可以聽聽 Jon Udell 對 Beth Jefferson 的訪談內容。


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