ILS廠商Sirsi預計將在3月分推出的產品中(Rooms 2.0 and Enterprise Portal Solution) 導入RSS的應用,其特色有:

  • The ability to take any OPAC search strategy and convert it into an RSS feed. Because text search engine for our ILS system enables a user to embed MARC and other field codes in the search string, a user could construct a search that searches against title, author, subject, ISBN {020} and any other indexed field within the ILS.
  • The ability to create an RSS feed based on a search of any sources within SingleSearch, Sirsi’s MuseGlobal (Gary’s sponsor) based federated search product (EBSCO, LoCZ, etc.).
  • The ability to create an RSS feed of Google results.
  • The ability to create an RSS feed of our ‘Best of the Web’.
  • The ability to sort the results by date, author, title, or relevance, where applicable.



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