Stephen Abram 引起的 Open Source ILS 爭議

9月初 SirsiDynix 發給其客戶一份由 Stephen Abram 撰寫的文件 “Integrated Library System Platforms on Open Source"(pdf), 10月29日 Wikileaks 網站上就出現了反彈的聲音,稱 SirsiDynix 是間沒有商業道德的企業,並且試圖散佈謠言和詆毀 Open Source 及 Open Source 的支持者。

Integrated Library System Platforms on Open Source

經過一些著名部落客的討論,網路上對 Stephen Abram 的罵聲四起,什麼黑貓白貓論都出來了。不過也有些部落客,如 Meredith Farkas,出來呼籲要理性的討論。目前在 OCLC 工作的 Roy Tennant 表示,他們加入 ILS公司或 OCLC,並不表示他們會出賣自己的人格,言下之意就是不會為替公司賺錢而昧著良知說話。Roy Tennant 認為圖書館界在此艱難的時刻,不應該在此類的問題上內耗,並有底下幾點建議:

  • Start from a position of respect
  • Shrink from overstating your case
  • Consider the often hard-won reputatons of everyone in the debate
  • Understand that often the solution is a combination of options

針對 Stephen Abram 此次的事件,還是要看他那一篇文章寫些什麼。他針對一般人認為 Open Source的優點一一的加以 “反駁" :

  • Total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Opportunity costs
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Features and Functions
  • Customization
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Open Formats
  • Necessary expertise
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Community-driven
  • Scalability
  • Speed
  • Reliability

很明顯地,Stephen Abram 文章目的是要留住其現有客戶,為可能的出走打預防針。其實這倒也無可厚非,但他在文末 Open Source and Libraries 這一段,特別又引用了 Cliff Lynch 的一句話應該是讓 Open Source 支持者最感冒的吧:

Cliff called the development of the open source ILS by OLE, Pines, etc. one of the “stupidest strategies ever undertaken” in the library world. At a time when libraries should be investing in systems to improve the priority issues in the end-user’s research, discovery and learning experience, here we have a cadre of libraries investing in the reinvention or at least, recreation, of something they already have and have at a cheaper cost than the redevelopment effort.

In addition, these projects do not have a compelling vision of what the end result will be and appear to be driven by library workers’ desires rather than institutional strategies or end-user needs. As such, they are tying up resources in an open source ILS effort at a time when budgets are constricted and other priorities are much more important and strategic.

當然還有另一個引來批評的原因,那就是文中的各項數據或論點都沒有註明引用來源。詳細內容為何還是請有興趣的人自己去看看,當然,也要看看 Stephen Abram 發現情勢不對後立刻在部落格上的說明。Code4Lib Wiki 也收集了跟此事件有關的一些文章。

我覺得不論 Open Source 軟體有多好、多省,最重要的是要考量自己的能力,因為不論遇到任何問題,最終都需要資訊人員去解決。如果你們館有強大的資訊專業人力或者是有外援,那當然可以認真去思考採用 Open Source ILS。這就好比不懂電腦硬體的人最好不要為了撿便宜去買組裝電腦,沒問題是很好,但有問題時卻求助無門。


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