Librarian 2.0

我很喜歡 Stephen Abram 的文章,經驗豐富的他總是有獨道的觀察。最近在一篇 專欄文章 中,他解釋了什麼是 Web 2.0 和 Library 2.0。因為他認為接下來幾年會有更多關於 XX 2.0 的話題出現在我們所處的環境中,如媒體報導、工作、娛樂、及生活上。

關於 Web 2.0 及 Library 2.0 在本站已介紹很多了,我就不再重述 Stephen Abram 的內容,但仍整理出幾個重點。

  • Web 2.0 並不是一個標準
  • Web 2.0 不只是一些技術的應用而已,它的價值應是在其所創造出的互動 (Interactivity)。這是更人性面的互動,如 對話、人與人之間的網絡、個人化、及 個人獨特性。

Stephen Abram 認為當 Web 2.0/Library 2.0 的技術都俱備時,最需要的就是新一代的圖書館員 (Librarian 2.0) 來實現了。 他列出了成為 Librarian 2.0 的條件:

  • Understand the power of the Web 2.0 opportunities
  • Learns the major tools of Web 2.0 and Library 2.0
  • Combines e-resources and print formats and is container and format agnostic
  • Is device independent and uses and delivers to everything from laptops to PDAs to iPods
  • Develops targeted federated search and adopts the OpenURL standard
  • Connects people and technology and information in context
  • Doesn’t shy away from non-traditional cataloguing and classification and chooses tagging, folksonomies and user-driven content descriptions where appropriate
  • Embraces non-textual information and the power of pictures, moving images, sight and sound
  • Understands the ‘long tail’ and leverages the power of old and new content
  • Sees the potential in using content sources like the Open Content Alliance, Google Print and OpenWorldCat
  • Connects users up to expert discussions, conversations and communities of practice and participates there as well
  • Uses and develops advanced social networks to enterprise advantage
  • Connects with everyone using their communication mode of choice –telephone, Skype, IM, SMS, e-mail, virtual reference, etc.
  • Encourages user driven metadata and user developed content and commentary
  • Understands the wisdom of crowds and the real roles and impacts of the blogosphere, web syndicasphere and wikisphere

最後 Stephen Abram 再補充了下面幾點:

  • 最首要也是最重要的是,Librarian 2.0 對他們的讀者有很深入的了解,不只是一個 pointers and clickers。
  • Librarian 2.0 在某些方面比較了解 end users,如他們的目標及渴望、工作流程、社會及內容的需求…等。
  • Librarian 2.0 隨時都能服務讀者

看到這裡,不知各位是否已開始準備好自己要成為 Librarian 2.0 了沒?

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