Web 2.0時代圖書館員的角色

資訊專業人士 Hervé Basset 在最近一期(October/November 2009) 的 Research Information 分享了 Web 2.0時代的資訊行為及圖書館員角色的一些看法:

The role of librarians

What’s more, surprisingly, Web 2.0 does not offer a real autonomy to researchers in terms of search quality. A recent survey by Akel & Associates showed how corporate end users rely on librarians: among researchers who work with librarians, 90 percent believe that librarians make significant contributions to their R&D efforts. Studies tend to demonstrate that information professionals’ presence drives successful research efforts and helps companies to stay competitive. ‘The more info, the more important the info pro,’ said industry consultant Mary Ellen Bates. This reason and many others mean that librarians continue playing the role they have always played, as facilitators between information and end users.

全文參閱 Librarians still have vital role in the Web 2.0 era



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