Fedora + DSpace = DuraSpace

昨天看到 open source 機構典藏軟體的一個重大新聞,就是 Fedora CommonsDSpace Foundation 這二大供應商將聯合組成一個叫做 DuraSpace 的機構,合併之後的 DuraSpace 在全球將會有超過 700 個用戶。


The purpose of DuraSpace is to provide sustainable open technologies and services to help individuals and organizations create, manage, publish, share, and preserve digital resources upon which we form our intellectual, scientific, and cultural heritage.

DuraSpace 仍會持續支援 Fedora 和 DSpace,並尋求二個平台之間的協同工作能力(interoperability),以後也不排除會整合這二個軟體。

DuraSpace 開張第一個新產品是一個 Web-based service,叫做 DuraCloud。DuraCloud is a hosted service that takes advantage of the cost efficiencies of cloud storage and cloud computing, while adding value to help ensure longevity and re-use of digital content. The DuraSpace organization is developing partnerships with commercial cloud providers who offer both storage and computing capabilities.

The DuraCloud service will be run by the DuraSpace organization. Its target audiences are organizations responsible for digital preservation and groups creating shared spaces for access and re-use of digital content. DuraCloud will be accessible directly as a Web service and also via plug-ins to digital repositories including Fedora and DSpace. The software developed to support the DuraCloud service will be made available as open source. An early release of DuraCloud will be available for selected pilot partners in Fall 2009.

DuraSpace 新聞稿



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