如果您對雲端運算感到有興趣的話,那麼最近一期的 EDUCAUSE Quarterly (Volume 33, 2010) 可千萬不能錯過,從什麼是雲端運算、如何看待這波雲浪潮、雲的安全性…等議題,內容相當豐富。底下是目次:

  • Cloud Computing Explained
  • Embracing the Cloud: Six Ways to Look at the Shift to Cloud Computing
  • A Tale of Two Clouds
  • Demystifying the Cloud: Implications for IT Funding in Higher Education
  • Innovating in the Cloud: Exploring Cloud Computing to Solve IT Challenges
  • Universities and Libraries Move to the Mobile Web
  • If It’s in the Cloud, Get It on Paper: Cloud Computing Contract Issues
  • A Textual [/a-text-u-all/] Perspective
  • Calculating the Cloud: Determining the True Cost of Hosting Servers in the Cloud
  • Is There Safety in the Cloud?
  • If You Twitter, Will They Come?
  • Cloud Support for Web Development
  • Instructional Benefits of Remote Desktop Virtualization
  • Measuring the Cloud
  • Using Cloud Infrastructure as Part of a Digital Preservation Strategy with DuraCloud
  • Federated Identity: A Recipe for Higher Education

Cloud Computing Explained 這一篇中,作者介紹了雲端運算的幾個特色:On-Demand Self-Service、Resource Pooling、Rapid Elasticity、Broad Network Access、Measured Service。當然也少不了介紹雲端運算的3種服務模式及4種部署的模式。我覺得很不錯的是,前述的每項介紹都附上的影片說明,其中還包括 Amazon EC2 管理端的操作過程。

EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 33, Number 2, 2010




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